Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thing 7a

Thing 7a says to blog about something technology related. It’s hard to choose just one topic, particularly since just about everything nowadays has some kind of technology aspect.

It’s amazing just how thoroughly my life has become driven by technology. My household has three computers (2 laptops and a desktop all linked to my home wi-fi), 4 televisions (with digital cable), 3 cell phones (plus VoIP land line with 2 wireless handsets), 2 video game systems (PS3 and Wii not to mention the 4 Nintendo DS handhelds we got this Christmas) with all the accompanying accoutrements and uncounted various other electronic gadgets and doo-dads from Zunes and iPods to an “atomic” clock and programmable coffee pot.

I pay all my bills online. I read all my news online (mostly from news aggregate sites like Google News although I do listen to NPR in the morning). I listen to all my music via MP3 or Pandora internet radio. I use my credit or debit card for nearly every purchase. I pay at the pump. I watch “on-demand” TV both online and through my digital cable and DVR. I text more than I talk on the phone (not by choice but everyone I know only wants to text anymore). I Gmail, Facebook, MySpace, Digg and, now after completing Things 1-8, I blog and RSS (sometimes all at the same time). I use Excel for my household budget and grocery lists. I even walk the dog listening to podcasts on my combination “smart” phone/MP3 player/digital camera.

Sheesh! But, what’s even more amazing to me is that I’m still not on the forefront of integrating technology into my life. I don’t Twitter. I don’t have a PDA, or an iPhone or a GPS. I don’t play MMORPGs (like World of Warcraft) and I don’t have a Second Life (although I did create an avatar). I don’t access the internet from my cell phone nor do I lug my laptop with me everywhere or frequent “internet cafes.”

And yet, I know people who do all of those things and more I probably don’t even know about. In fact, I’m doing the 23Things because I know I’m not “totally digital” but want to at least be aware of what’s going on. How much more technology can we as human beings take? I’ve read about eyeglasses with “heads up” computer displays, “wired” clothing and even directly connecting electronics to your brain! I love technology, but where do we draw the line?

So far though, I have to admit that all the technology I’ve adopted and adapted to has improved my life significantly and I expect more progress will make my life even better. I may be a “late adopter”, but I eventually get with the program.


  1. Yes, I also believe that technology makes life better and easier. It just all depends on how you use it. You can be a slave to it or you can let it be a slave for you. I plan to have a little of each in my life. And now I have completed my things 7.

  2. Yeah, it's kinda weird when, in the cozy lamp glow of a winter's evening, Dad, Mom, and Kid are all sitting on the couch with their own laptops on each lap, and in the background, the desktop pc hums -- in case someone wants a bigger screen, and the previous model stands by silently -- in case the others meet total disaster, while the old Tandy sits in its corner -- in case someone wants to play the old BASIC games that only run right on it.